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CUBE OS 8 Tourmaline: The Future is Here!

Our clients say that CUBE is already the most advanced and powerful playback system in the world -- while simultaneously being the easiest to use! Our CUBE OS 8 Tourmaline is a game-changer. Below is an overview of the capabilities we've packed into Tourmaline. Charl Coetzee, Founder and Chief Architect of CUBE
Getting a playback system connected to the network can sometimes seem intimidating. Some players give you a tiny LCD screen to troubleshoot with, while others might read you out the IP address they got assigned. Neither is much help, if the network isn't working. By contrast, CUBE OS 8 Tourmaline can run automated diagnostics and TALK the installer through any problems it finds! Since more and more marketing providers are delegating installation of players to the end-clients, this is truly the way forward. The world is going mobile, and Tourmaline allows you, your installer, or client, to use a smartphone or tablet locally to interact with CUBE. (It has always been possible for providers to do remote management of CUBE from their mobile devices). Installers can use a smartphone or tablet to check that CUBE is properly installed and running. This can be as simple as scanning the barcode on the unit for a quick status check. It can even involve running the CUBE's suite of automated and comprehensive network diagnostics, something that no other playback unit can do. Where content providers permit it, business clients at individual sites may even use the CUBE's mobile app to see what's playing, switch between different programs the provider has set up, and activate various program components that have been set up ahead of time by the service provider. This is how service providers move their business forward: by facilitating clients to enjoy an element of self-service, while still continuing to manage the overall experience.
What does Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth and CUBE have in common? CUBE makes available to you the same music sources that supply Air Force One and Two, as well as all of BBC Radio and TV world-wide (as well as other broadcasters), on top of the other music sources CUBE has available. As we can show you, CUBE can provide this for a lower ongoing fee than what you're probably used to. Most certainly, its a far better service! (For one thing, its not subject to the typical issues encountered with streaming or satellite services). Just in case Air Force One doesn't mean much to you, lets add that the staff of our music suppliers include: voting members of the GRAMMYS® National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, professional associates of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP), the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), voting members of the Country Music Association (CMA), ASCAP, BMI, the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences Foundation, and luminaries from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and so on. Not to mention composers, musicians and advisers who've worked with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Aretha Franklin, and One Republic to Rihanna. In short: their credentials are impeccable, and so are the rights clearances of the services. Tourmaline also brings more ways to blend music programs, structure them, and sequence categories of songs, in ways optimized for each site's demographic. And on top of this, CUBE offers multiple music applications, from intelligent playback sequencing through to the industry-leading Virtual Jukebox, which allows venue patrons to interact with the music through their mobile phone to influence what plays (within any overall guidelines that the venue may wish to impose). Music has never sounded this good. In fact, no other industry solution has access to the breadth and depth of music programming that CUBE offers. If you provide messaging, either on hold or in store, its worth mentioning that we have clients that literally proclaim that any other playback system, where the messaging doesn't work like CUBE's, is not worth having! (They will be at the OHMA/IBMA conference too, so drop by our booth and we'll be happy to introduce you to them, if you'd like to ask them yourselves!) Since inception, CUBE has been lauded as the industry's best playback system with the best network connectivity. Yet, we've managed to up the ante with Tourmaline. When you make sweeping changes to gigabytes of music programming, Tourmaline will sync your changes even faster and more responsively than ever. And if you are one of our customers working with your own substantial content repositories, Tourmaline brings new ways in which the content in your offices can automatically be synchronized with the CUBE distribution system, without you having to worry about servers or bandwidth. Ever wish you could actually hear what was being played at a remote site? With Tourmaline  you can now 'eavesdrop' on the actual audio output of the unit, completely remotely and on demand, for select applications. As always, content providers who believe in giving their customers the best possible service, can only do so with CUBE. Sometimes the playback system must be "hands off", so why pay for an LCD screen when you don't need one? Other times, you just have to have an LCD screen with your logo displayed on it, at the site, so there's a quick way your customer can see what's playing, or to change the channel. Tourmaline brings the ability to add on an LCD module with your logo, when you need it. As you've no doubt seen in the popular press, some large retailers have really gotten their fingers burnt owing to malicious or sub-par equipment connected to their networks. Since you never know quite what you might find connected to any particular retailer's network, Tourmaline adds a whole new security layer to CUBE, effectively turning it into two devices: one contained "inside" the other. The device "inside" is the CUBE you know and love. The "outside" device is a full-blown firewall, identical to the technology that powers most of the world's commercial firewall systems. This adds even more network protection to the CUBE, no matter what kind of network it is connected to and whatever threats that network might face in future. When it comes to network security, its clear that CUBE is the only network player you can really trust. Easily create licensed music playlists by blending any combination of playlists in any ratio that you want. When playing licensed music programs, Tourmaline ensures that songs by the same artist won't play back-to-back, and that songs with the same title will get spaced very far apart. This is done automatically for you based on the metadata of the songs. Tourmaline is advanced enough to recognize different spellings of the same artists and titles. For our On-Hold Providers, Tourmaline can stream its on-hold program directly to any Asterisk system that supports the Asterisk streamplayer module. Ask us how! If you must deal with external systems like video players, that periodically play priority audio, you can use Tourmaline’s External Ducking app. This app monitors the unit’s external input, detects when it goes hot, then automatically ducks down CUBE playback while passing through the external audio feed. Then, when the external audio goes quiet again, it automatically resumes CUBE playback from the next song. Tourmaline lays the groundwork for a new class of video application, able to play HDMI video to local screens without cabling to the CUBE. Explore with us how you could tailor video experiences unique to your clients, and help us develop this exciting field!
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