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CUBE Clients, their Brands, and Testimonials

Sample of Testimonials - Our Clients Love Us!

Thank you so much. So well designed and so easy to implement. I performed my first test conversion today, and it went flawlessly. A breath of fresh air from the old days of programming the Premier units. Thank you for taking the time to build this and build it well!
Hans C. Schmid
Audible Business
There is nothing in the industry that can match the overall reliability and level of security of the CUBE. Not only does it have the best in class messaging engine, but its unique adaptive architecture ensures we can easily modify our solution as our clients’ business requirements change.
Bryan Wandel, SVP, In-Store Music & Messaging
DMI Music
The CUBE is an exceptionally reliable, dynamically programmable and well engineered playback system. Many similar solutions in the market place promise similar, but fail to deliver the same level of capabilities and customer service.
Steven Freeman, General Manager
Multimedia Entertainment
We’ve had a great experience converting many of our existing customers to the CUBE. The installations went very smoothly and connection was a breeze. In one case, our tech had to install at a remote site on a Saturday morning, and I was able to assist him and confirm network connection and adjust the volume right from my mobile! Very happy with the way this works.
Ian Elwick
Dynamic Productions Inc.
We were looking for a complete, easy to use, and always effective audio marketing device,and finally found the best!!! The CUBE really changed for good our music & messaging service. Love CUBE!
Miguel De Narvaez, General Director
Sonido Interno
I must commend you and your team for conceptualizing and building such a sleek and functional equipment and service. The initial installation was a breeze and pretty much happened on auto pilot. Plus the web interface is easy to use as well.
Vinod Poulose, Director
Brown Ide Mediaworx Pvt. Ltd.
We are very happy with the Cube, easy to install, reliable and the Cube team provide excellent customer service.
Vicki Travers, General Manager
Soo Business Media (1-800 OnHold-Trusonic-Moo Moo Music)
The CUBE is is a fantastic unit. We’ve found them to be very simple to install and extremely reliable. Once they’re online, they stay online…plus uploading and scheduling content couldn’t be easier. Well done on the user interface, guys! The customer service has been outstanding, too. I would highly recommend the Cube to anyone. For us, the Cube is a keeper.
Vince Koegle, President
TAC on Hold
Of all the units I've tried, the CUBE has the best connectivity, by far
Chester Hull, Owner
ProSound USA
The ability to satisfy even the most demanding and dynamic client requirements translates to a competitive advantage. Thanks very much for taking such care! Great service!
Nick Findlay, Managing Director
Premier Business Audio
The CUBE has proven to be a highly powerful, flexible, and reliable platform. It will allow us to deliver a variety of new functionality, including integrated and interactive audio and visual applications that will enhance customer experiences.
Dharmendra Patel
...what I like best? The CUBE pulls information directly from our own content management system.
Andy Hill, CEO
I Like Music
The CUBE is many devices in one, including an Audio Marketing player, a sophisticated in-store solution, and also a licensed music device. It can operate standalone via USB, and as a full- blown multi-site network device.
Nick Findlay, Managing Director
Premier Business Audio
A multi talented unit, the CUBE stands to tread on the toes of major industry players. Someday all media player solutions will be like the CUBE.
Gary Adams, MOH Solution Expert
CUBEMC is really simple to use -- Thanks for making my life so much easier!
Laura Light, Studio Manager
Premier Business Audio
The preferred choice as a platform to provide both Music on Hold (MOH) and for In Store / Pub / Club background Music, is the CUBE.
Gary Adams, Telecom and MOH Solutions Expert
Our customers expect more and we must innovate, while increasing ROI. CUBE is a flexible tool that delivers on all these fronts.
Chester Hull, Owner
ProSound USA

CUBE by Exponential Solutions Inc rated 9.5 out of 10 based on 17 client reviews.

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