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Welcome Premier Technologies to the CUBE family

We’re working on how best to make tools and support available for you to change the content on your PremTech device. We expect to have news shortly. If you fill your email address here, we’ll let you know as soon as its available. (We promise not to sell or spam your email address).

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CUBE is the world’s most advanced and future-proof delivery platform for digital customer experiences: in-store, on-line and on-hold.

We create connected things to better the customer experience. You can read more about CUBE on our About Us page.

A Note from Premier Technologies

“We at Premier Technologies felt CUBE is the right company to take our dealers and their clients forward. CUBE has a long track record of innovation and market leadership. CUBE is singularly poised to not only bring stability to the current PremTech platform but provide a migration path to a better future. From hardware to software to VoIP integrations CUBE consistently delivers. We are excited to see what they can do for our great Premier dealer network.”

Michael Caldeen, Managing Director - Premier Technologies

What This Means for You

Dealers who buy CUBE hardware enjoy the following:

Photo of the industry-leading CUBE hardware unit.

PremTech dealers will be happy to learn all this comes in at a price below what they are used to with PremTech network-connected devices. CUBE is also working on a simple migration to the CUBE platform for Net7000 and Hybrid users.

CUBE is a single piece of hardware that can replace Premier’s USB or Network Connected/Hybrid devices. Use it as a USB player now, and unlock network access later. Or go ahead and connect it now to get the most advantage from applications, zones, and features via software. We simplify what to order, how you manage your fleet, and how much it costs to do business. Focus on serving your clients rather than managing inventory. All while providing more features,functionality, security and reliability.

Now, you’ll have the ability to grow your business and expand into many new markets that were not previously possible solely with Premier equipment.

CUBE offers:

"Thank you so much. So well designed and so easy to implement. I performed my first test conversion today, and it went flawlessly. A breath of fresh air from the old days of programming the Premier units. Thank you for taking the time to build this and build it well!"

Hans C. Schmid | Audible Business


Can the CUBE be used as a USB player?

Yes, the CUBE can be used as a USB-only player.

How much is CUBE Hardware?

CUBE Hardware is $189 each.

Monthly Cost per unit?

The monthly cost is $3 per month per unit.

Can CUBE ship directly to my customer?

Yes, we can ship directly to your customer.

What does the CUBE come with?

CUBE comes with power supply, network cable, audio cable, and RCA-to-3.5mm adapter. We provide power supplies for Global use.


Standard with 16gb, upgradable to 32gb or 64gb. This is 1,000x bigger than the Hybrid, 2,000x bigger than Net7000s.

How does the network connection work?

It is a port 80 connection; no firewall modifications are needed. It is similar in that respect to Premier, but a much more reliable connection.

Where are you located?

Based in Richmond, Virginia, CUBE players ship from the US, and all sales and support is located in the US.

Is CUBE based on a Raspberry Pi?

No, it is an industrial-cased, custom-designed OS based on the Linux kernel.

Contact Us

For questions please call our PremTech to CUBE transition team at 855 378-9055 (US toll-free) or +1 (434) 225-4190 (international).

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Alternatively you may submit your details directly using the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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