The CUBE Platform

Why In-Store Music and On-Hold Service Providers choose CUBE

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Supports multiple applications on a single platform.

You no longer have to use different devices for in-store music & messages, video signage, or music on hold. CUBE supports several applications on a single device.

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Evolve and upgrade in place.

With CUBE all features and applications can easily be added remotely, with no interruption to services - there is no longer a need to incur the costs and delays to dispatch an installer.

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Smart Management features designed to respect your time.

Easily run multiple applications, control all content through multiple formats (LAN, USB, email), use Smart Scheduling, On-Board mixing, and easy playlist scheduling and blending tools to assemble the best music and messaging mixes. You can even give your clients the ability to use their table or smart phone to quickly switch out what’s playing at any of their locations.

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Uninterrupted operations and fast troubleshooting.

CUBE has the best network connectivity in the industry. If any of your client locations loose their internet connection CUBE keeps playing whatever it has onboard. And, when the internet is back CUBE immediately checks in and updates all changes. Gain immediate access to the best troubleshooting tools in the industry, and even listen in to any of your client’s units in real-time.

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Uncompromising Security.

The CUBE is the most secure device in the industry. CUBE is PCI scan compliant, there are no accessible outside ports, it even has its own built-in firewall, and features end-to-end encryption. With CUBE you can assure your clients that there is no danger of malware, viruses, or outside hackers.

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Open APIs easily integrate to existing business systems.

CUBE makes it easy to integrate your music libraries, tie into business systems such as CRMs, ERPs, existing operational systems, and web-based order management.

CUBE is developed in close collaboration with leading service providers in the In-Store Music, On-Hold Messaging, and Digital Signage industries. Our Music Library partners, In-Store Music partners, On-Hold Marketing partners and Digital Signage partners, all benefit from CUBE in numerous ways.

Discover the factual benefits of using a CUBE physical player instead of a computer, online service, or a mobile app for playback. Read more here.

Diagram of the Cube Platform

Diagram of the cube platform
  • Built to enterprise-class standards
  • Designed to allow full remote ‘hands-off’ updating and diagnostics
  • Highly secure & PCI scan compliant
CUBE MC (Master Control):
  • Highly resilient cloud-based infrastructure with no single point of failure
  • Simple, intuitive management tools to get things done, fast
CUBE Hardware (Player):
  • One or two zone options
  • Unsurpassed reliability