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Quickly modernize the caller experience for your Nextiva clients.

Solve client frustration. Make them sticky. Earn commission.

Land with a quick solution, then expand to more value adds.

Elevate your Trusted Advisor status. Shatter the Friend Zone.

Test Drive the Next Generation On Hold Experience



Cloud-based, no hardware, and ready to go

Ask Your Clients

  • Are callers free, or is there ad spend / cost involved?
  • Is everything about each caller’s experience up to your standards? Does it justify the spend?
  • Does it help that whenever a caller goes on hold, they hear the exact same thing from the beginning each time?
  • Do you have useful analytic insights into what happens on hold?
  • Will it hurt customer satisfaction or conversions if your on-hold experience can be radically improved? Made interactive? Made multi-lingual?

Startup Steps

1. Enable CUBE virtual extension in client's NextOS

2. Link the virtual extension with CUBE cloud

3. Sit back and receive commissions

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