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The CUBE Music & Message On Hold Players

The CUBE is the most advanced, independent and future-proof delivery platform ever designed for MOH and In-Store service providers. Our innovative music & message on hold players serve multiple applications for leading providers in over 57 countries and more around the world.

How do our Music & Message On Hold Players Work?

The CUBE platform is made up of three components:

  • The Music & Message On Hold Player hardware device.
  • CubeOS and Cube Apps that run on the playback hardware, allowing it to deliver all kinds of applications.
  • The CubeMC backend and its Apps that manage the CubeOS and Apps installed on each playback unit.

Advantages of using our highly-reliable Music & Message On Hold Players

As part of the CUBE platform our music & message on hold players enable leading service providers and music suppliers to:

  • Listen to your Audio Remotely
  • Run Your On-Hold  / In-Store Business From Anywhere
  • Automatically Adapt Music and Messages according to who’s In-store or on the Phone
  • Help Store Managers in Real-Time

Music & Message On Hold Players: Why Choose The CUBE Platform?

Exponential Solutions is continually updating the CUBE platform to ensure that we are the company of choice for the world’s leading service providers and music suppliers. Our music & message on hold players are designed so that providers can easily and quickly upgrade from one application to the next using the same hardware platform.

Need to create an engaging and profitable on-hold or in-queue experience for your VOIP platform?

Simply provision a “connection” to CUBE’s highly secure cloud platform have you’re on hold or in-queue experiences delivered in real-time by CUBE.  With a CUBE solution, you no longer need to be limited by a basic on-hold/in-queue message that always plays from the beginning every time. Now you can create profitable and engaging on-hold/in-queue experiences for your customers. There are CUBE VOIP solutions for various platforms including BroadWorks®, Asterisk® & FreeSWITCH®, EUCM® and Epygi®


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