The on-hold or in-queue experience is most important for any service business.

  • The average caller spends 60 hours waiting on hold; 70% of business phone calls are placed on hold or remain in a call centre queue.
  • There is a 40% increase in retention for customers that hear relevant messages while waiting on hold.
  • On Hold messages increase inquiries by 15% and requests for products and services by an average of 12%.
  • Typical businesses spend 94% of their marketing to get customers to call, yet only 6% is spent to better handle the customer once they do call (i.e., the on-hold experience).
  • Studies have shown that on hold content created for a specific audience, to be both engaging and entertaining, can further increase brand loyalty and requests for products and services.

Businesses and Service Providers continue to replace traditional telephone systems with VOIP or cloud-based systems. Business drivers include more enhanced features and lower costs. The issue (until recently) has been that since Music On Hold (MOH) capabilities have only been an afterthought, the customer's on-hold experience has suffered; which has had a direct impact on the bottom-line for many businesses.

With CUBE, the customer on-hold experience has evolved to match the feature-rich capabilities of VOIP systems. CUBE has proven MOH VOIP solutions for virtually every VOIP system (including BroadWorks, Asterisk & FreeSWITCH, CUCM, Epygi, and others).

Convenient and Secure.
Conveniently access the industry's most secure cloud-based CUBE platform from any place, at any time, and from any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) where you have an internet connection.

Quickly and easily self-mix and change settings (volume, fade time, etc) for your audio music and message productions. CUBE’s self-mixing capability saves you substantial time and resources while allowing you to immediately implement any MOH content changes.

Easily manage content changes for hundreds or even thousands of sites. With CUBE’s powerful multi-site functionality, all it takes is a couple of clicks for your changes instantly to ripple to all affected locations. With CUBE you can quickly implement content changes with the least amount of staff involvement.

CUBE makes it easy to set a validity date for every piece of audio content. With a simple click, you can set a calendar date when any music or message track will start (‘not before date’) or stop (‘not after date’). This built-in functionality minimizes staff time, eliminates the risk of human error, and makes it effortless to schedule the most relevant MOH content well in advance.

Immediately accommodate any music format without compromising the quality of the original production.There is no need to spend any time converting to different audio formats.

Unique On-Hold experiences.
Gain access to the best MOH Content to suit your audience and brand. CUBE works closely with the most extensive worldwide network of MOH content providers. With the expertise of our MOH content partners, we work with you to fully understand your target audience and create branded content that is both engaging, entertaining; establishing deep customer connections that build brand loyalty. Content can consist of bespoke music, product or brand messages, curated news snippets, podcasts, and even interactive on-hold experiences.

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