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World-leading service providers and business brands consistently choose CUBE to deliver and manage on-hold and call centre in-queue solutions to complement their Unified Communications or VOIP systems.

Businesses and Service Providers continue to replace traditional telephone systems with VOIP or cloud-based systems. Business drivers include more enhanced features and lower costs. The issue (until recently) has been that since Music On Hold (MOH) capabilities have only been an afterthought, the customer's on-hold experience has suffered; which has had a direct impact on the bottom-line for many businesses.

With CUBE, the customer on-hold experience has evolved to match the feature-rich capabilities of VOIP systems. CUBE has proven MOH VOIP solutions for virtually every VOIP system (including BroadWorks, Asterisk & FreeSWITCH, CUCM, Epygi, and others).

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Custom CUBE.fusion solutions are available for the following VOIP and Unified Communications Systems

Other Systems

CUBE is constantly working with Service Providers on standardized or custom on hold solutions. Due to the large number of VOIP/Unified Communication solutions in the market, it is not possible to list them all on this website.

Contact us today and tell us about your system and any special requirements. We can quickly have a proof of concept up and running and send you a configuration document for your review.

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