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Stream on-hold/in-queue programming directly into your Epygi VOIP system to create meaningful on-hold/in-queue experiences for your customers.

Epygi Technologies is a VOIP manufacturer that supplies IP PBX and VOIP gateway equipment. Unfortunately, the native Epygi on-hold/in-queue solution requires on-hold programs to be manually uploaded and they will typically play from the beginning every time.

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CUBE.fusion directly streams custom on-hold or in-queue message and music content into Epygi systems, which allows businesses to create meaningful on-hold experiences. CUBE.fusion makes it both fast and efficient to change on-hold/in-queue audio - content that will resonate with customers, create awareness and stimulate new sales.

Native on-hold/in-queue Epygi solution:

  • Time consuming and inefficient for Internal staff or IT resources to update on-hold/in-queue content to keep up with changing business messaging.
  • Repetitive and stale messages that play from the beginning no matter how often the customer is placed on-hold.

CUBE.fusion on-hold/in-queue solution for Epygi:

  • Easily create and schedule on-hold/in-queue content in the CUBE.mc management interface - whatever is created instantly streams into your Epygi system. You no longer need to rely on staff or IT to store and upload programming.
  • Drive new business growth by creating and mixing professional on-hold/in-queue audio to synchronize with business events and product or promotional campaigns.
  • Consistent professional audio content.

Tell us where to send relevant configuration document(s). Proof of concept testing can typically be completed in as little as a few minutes.

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