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BroadWorks® is the dominant global VOIP platform used by telecom carriers, service providers and enterprise users. Close to 50% of new VOIP line shipments are Broadworks - more than double the closest alternative. BroadWorks is provided by BroadSoft which is now under the Cisco umbrella. BroadWorks is often known by other telecom carrier brand names such as Mitel ClearSpan®, Everything Voice®, Verizon One Talk®, ComWave®, Inclarity®, Cox Business®, Telstra TIPT®, BroadConnect®, and more.

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There are almost endless possibilities with a CUBE.fusion MOH solution for BroadWorks:

  • audio callers can hear messaging from a different point each time
  • entry messages to deliver time-sensitive information
  • timely product or service promotional offers
  • custom messages for specific company department
  • advanced calendar scheduling of holiday messages
  • high-definition audio
  • customer Interactivity: ability for callers to enter digits to choose music or informative content on hold
  • advanced analytics, including average hold times (overall, or by departments, or extensions), how many times specific in-queue/on-hold messages were delivered, and more.
  • ready access to custom messaging, professional script development, and a wide-range of in-queue/on-hold and licensed music options.

The current In-Queue / On-Hold experience for BroadWorks can result in a poor customer experience and lost business.

Despite the dominance of this innovative VOIP platform, the Music/Messaging on Hold (MOH) functionality is very basic, with the capability of only delivering a static uploaded MOH file that always plays from the beginning. This type of MOH solution does not enable BroadWorks enterprise customers (end users of BroadWorks) to engage, educate or promote products or services to customers while they are on hold or waiting in queue. The result is a poor customer experience that results in lost calls and lost business.

Benefits to End Users of BroadWorks:

  • your customers can now have a quality hold experience
  • increase sales of product or service to new customers
  • up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for existing customers
  • utilize on hold analytics to continually improve the customer experience and maximize message conversions
  • minimize lost calls and lost business
  • minimize staff time for on hold content development.

Benefits to BroadWorks Providers:

  • fast and reliable setup
  • peace of mind with best in class enterprise security
  • unlimited scaleability
  • minimize staff time for on hold content deployment
  • minimize engineering and operational resources - once provisioned the service will be fully managed by CUBE.fusion.

How does this enhanced BroadWorks MOH solution work?

This enhanced MOH/in-queue solution is delivered by CUBE. CUBE is the world leading provider of On-Hold, In-Queue and In-Store digital engagement solutions for service provides and leading brands in 60 countries. CUBE technical advantages include open standards, best in class enterprise grade security, and the ability to integrate the platform and its components to almost anything. To integrate CUBE.fusion with BroadWorks, the service provider simply provisions a 'connection' to CUBE.fusion's highly secure cloud platform. Once this 'connection' is in place the on hold experiences for the BroadWorks system are delivered in real-time by CUBE.fusion.

Find out why more and more BroadWorks installations use CUBE.fusion to deliver an engaging In-Queue and Music On Hold Experience!

Tell us where to send relevant configuration document(s). Proof of concept testing can typically be completed in as little as a few minutes.

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