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Asterisk and FreeSWITCH are VOIP software systems that run on various platforms, including Linux, OSX, and Windows. These VOIP systems are known under various brand names, including trixbox, digium Switchvox, FreePBX, FusionPBX, and more. Asterisk and FreeSWITCH can either be premise-based systems, or deployed by VOIP providers as a cloud-based service

The built-in on-hold / in-queue capabilities for Asterisk and FreeSWITCH require inefficient uploading of audio files, and do not enable businesses or service providers to provide engaging on-hold / in-queue customer experiences. However, CUBE.fusion lets you create efficient and engaging Asterisk music on-hold experiences without the hassle.

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Native on-hold/in-queue Asterisk solution:

  • Inefficient. IT or staff need to upload a new audio file whenever there is a change to music or message content.
  • Stale Undifferentiated Content. Because of the effort involved with uploading new audio, the customer’s on-hold experience becomes sub-par and cookie-cutter: It is usually too much effort to keep content fresh, never mind targeted to the specific department or queue where the customer is on hold.

With the CUBE.fusion MOH/In-Queue Solution:

  • Minimize staff and IT time. Set up is done just once: No need to reload on-hold/in-queue programming every time there is a change.
  • Flexible content to fit the business. Schedule custom audio content to create awareness, promote business events, or drive product sales. Easily target programming to specific departments or queues.
  • Management Control. Control and manage the delivery of on-hold/in-queue programming from any location and any internet-enabled device.
  • Professional, high-quality audio.

CUBE.fusion for Asterisk and CUBE.fusion for FreeSWITCH are available for on-premises as well as cloud deployments.

Tell us where to send relevant configuration document(s). Proof of concept testing can typically be completed in as little as a few minutes.

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