Tailored restaurant background music gives new patrons a compelling reason to return to your restaurant.

Tailored restaurant background music gives new patrons a compelling reason to return to your restaurant.

You sit down in a restaurant that you’re not familiar with, to have a bite to eat. You’ve ordered, and are looking forward to it, because the spot is busy and is obviously popular. Suddenly a loud song starts playing in the background. It’s a bit off-putting, and just far too repetitive for your taste. The spot is busy, so you don’t want to bother anyone about it, as it doesn’t seem like such a major deal. But it’s still an annoyance, and little annoyances eventually add up. You may enjoy the great meal but will you really come back to a restaurant where the background music is overbearing?

CUBE’s Music System for Restaurants is a Game Changer

What if there’s a system where you whip out your smartphone, and pull up the venue’s page— where you can see what’s playing — and where you then quickly down-vote the song you dislike. The system sends back a nice thank-you note, which also recognizes that you’re a brand-new customer at this location. Not only do you get a chance to offer feedback on the background music in the restaurant, but attached is a returning customer discount, for next time you come in. A short while later, the song you disliked fades out — and the next song that starts playing, is from a style you really love. Not just does it suit the atmosphere of the restaurant perfectly, but you realize it’s a style you’d up-voted at another location you’d been at some weeks before. A week or so later, you’re back at the same restaurant, and you pull up the venue page to redeem your returning customer offer. Amazingly, the waitress remembers what you had last time, and asks you if you would like it again, or whether she should make a recommendation based on that. You also notice the venue’s song selection is specifically taking your tastes into account.

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