How to grow sales and improve the customer experience in your retail store(s).

CUBE was initially consulted by Good Feet’s Richmond VA store.

CUBE works with world-leading brands to create and implement audio and digital customer engagement strategies aimed at improving customer and brand loyalty and sales results within specific venues.

Good Feet helps people suffering tremendous foot and back pain to get back into activities they are passionate about to improve the quality of their lives. Good Feet’s unique personalized fitting process requires substantial consultation with each in-store customer. While this process is a key differentiator, the reality is that stores can end up losing prospective customers who are not fully engaged while they wait for a sales consultant.

Other bespoke retailers often face the same types of challenges.

As with many retailers, static (non-personalized) content and paper-based forms have negatively impacted the customer experience and sales productivity.

Using the consultative CUBEngage process, an integrated applications suite was developed to address the unique needs of this Good Feet venue. Following the overwhelming success of CUBEngage in the Richmond and Newport News stores, this solution is now in the process of expanding to other Good Feet venues

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As prospective customers walk into a store, they are immediately put in a buying mood.

When they first walk into the store they are greeted with appealing, consistent and high-quality Good Feet branded music, as well as digital signage.

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The customer is far more likely to buy when a Sales Consultant becomes available.

While waiting for the sales consultant, customers are fully engaged with a personalized tablet application that educates them with dynamic video content and testimonials personalized based on their specific questions and needs. To further support this engagement, store signage content is no longer static. Instead, it can be automatically updated based on the customers’ changing needs.

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Sales productivity has increased substantially.

Sales consultants no longer have to process information twice. Instead, customer data is immediately captured digitally, automatically shared with the POS system and automatically available for automated personalized email follow-ups aimed at converting prospective customers, all without losing the personal connection with the sales consultant. As Sales Consultants now have to do less work behind the scenes, they can spend more direct time with prospects.

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Powerful analytics allow continual improvements to Sales results.

With real-time in-store sales analytics, management can now analyze and improve sales conversion rates by individual consultants, determine and fix conversion obstacles, and even pinpoint the specific demographics (age, gender, lifestyle, etc.) for buyers and non-buyers.

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What are Good Feet Stores saying about CUBEngage?

With CUBEngage, we can do everything faster. We serve more customers faster, convert better, market better. Everything is improved. We’ve had the best sales ever in the history of our store.

Jonathan Cotten | Store Owner Good Feet

There is nothing in the industry that can match the overall reliability and level of security of the CUBE. Not only does it have the best in class messaging engine, but its unique adaptive architecture ensures we can easily modify our solution as our clients' business requirements change.