Customer Engagement Through Meaningful Digital Brand Strategy

CUBEngage is about discovering, creating and implementing truly meaningful customer experiences that will create an unmatched level of customer loyalty for your business.

This is achieved by implementing unique and highly effective audio and digital engagement strategies within your venue(s). From a technology perspective the scope of these projects will vary depending on the customer challenge. Some customer projects can be considered retail EIoT (The Enterprise Internet of Things) solutions, where various systems and devices (online and offline) are connected together in meaningful ways to engage customers and drive sales growth.

How can CUBEngage help me to improve and implement customer engagement strategies in my business?


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We start by understanding how your brand best adds meaningfulness to customer’s lives. We seek out ways to intentionally bridge your on-line experience with your in-store experience.


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We work with you to create and implement an audio and digital customer engagement strategy. We then implement end-to-end technology-based solutions aimed at creating true customer and brand loyalty within each of your venues.


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Our CUBE Platform consists of numerous components and services that can be assembled in very unique ways, and which can therefore completely differentiate you. These include: music, audio messaging, digital signage, social media, mobile applications, loyalty systems, gamification, endless aisle, and more … lets not limit imagination!

This is not a generic service with pre-canned solutions.


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As all sensible marketers know, without strategy, tactics are meaningless! CUBE components range from living entirely in the cloud, to mobile applications for local control, to having a hardware presence at your venues from where they can coordinate and direct your venue’s digital tactics and strategy. We have an unyielding focus on meaningful dialogue and results.


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Let us help you be magical to your customers and to create unmatched customer loyalty - the kind of loyalty that will put your business far ahead of the competition. Let us help you build and implement a customer engagement strategy that works to create real customer and brand loyalty.

We are currently involved in some groundbreaking retail IoT projects. Information on these projects will be published here soon. The following technologies are currently being deployed in CUBE Engage projects:

The following case studies illustrate what is possible:

Don’t you owe it to your business to explore how CUBEngage can improve your in-store audio and digital customer engagement strategies? Why not let us help you create truly meaningful experiences for your customers while differentiating you from the rest of the pack? You can find out right now how CUBEngage can help create your ideal customer engagement solution, by completing this quick contact form below.