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How Our Customer Engagement Strategy Works

CUBE, the Leading In-Store Audio And Video Platform Releases its On Site Smartphone Control Panel.The new CUBE SiteMC allows you adjust in-store audio, video and digital brand experiences ‘on the fly’ from any tablet, smartphone or browser. Online PR News – … Continue reading


Why a CUBE Music Player for In-Store Music?

Many in-store music providers now offer in-store music solutions that rely entirely on music streaming, or make use of your existing computer or mobile device. To make their in store music solutions appear more attractive, in store music providers like SiriusXM or Spotify … Continue reading


CUBE is all about UPTIME for your business

Uptime is Important What words strike fear and loathing into business owners, management and IT staff everywhere?  Down time. Outage.  We’re down. The internet is down…. The alternate is uptime. Uptime means your staff at full strength, and systems at optimum … Continue reading