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Inflection Point – Part 3: What Joe Consumer wants?

In part 2 of our Inflection Point series, we took a top-down perspective to review the broad-stroke changes unfolding in the On-Hold and In-Store music providers industry.  We showed other industries where these kinds of changes have happened, how disruptive … Continue reading


Raspberry: Pi in the Sky?

CUBE OS can be ported to other hardware platformsWe periodically get asked the question whether the CUBE ecosystem (CUBEOS and CUBE Apps, managed by CubeMC), could also be made to run on the Raspberry Pi hardware?This question naturally arises because … Continue reading


The Coming Inflection Point – Part 2

In our last post (The Coming Inflection Point – Part 1) we reviewed how the computing industry dramatically changed after it reached its strategic inflection point.So let’s take a look at the On-Hold and In-Store music industry, and see if … Continue reading