CUBE Terms and Warranty

CUBE Terms and Warranty

The following contains information on the CUBE hardware warranty and the Terms & Conditions of Sale when purchasing CUBE units.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The following are the full Terms and Conditions of Sale that apply when purchasing CUBE units (effective from 1 Jun 2014) (click on link to open PDF).

Reliability and Included Warranty

CUBE hardware issues have been extremely rare. The same hardware is used worldwide by Siemens for fire panel control systems (and is also used by Microsoft). There are no moving parts, and it operates with extremely low power (max 5 Watts power consumption). The CUBE hardware includes a full one (1) year warranty (the default on purchase), however for customers who wish to purchase extra warranty protection, more options are available.

Optional Warranty Options

The optional warranty options for CUBE Hardware are as follows: Option 1: Two years $20 one-time cost per unit Option 2: Three years $30 one-time cost per unit Option 3: Four years $40 one-time cost per unit Option 4: Five years $50 one-time cost per unit

Warranty Period

During the warranty period, if a problem is encountered, Exponential Solutions will first attempt to troubleshoot the unit remotely. If the issue requires a replacement unit, we will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). The Provider (buyer) would be responsible for shipping the old unit back, and the repaired unit or replacement unit will be shipped promptly, at no cost.

In the very unlikely event that a replacement unit is required Exponential Solutions will do its utmost to arrive at a solution that will minimize or eliminate any customer service disruption.

Out of Warranty

If a unit is out of warranty and needs to be replaced, it can be replaced for the base hardware cost only. Any apps and licenses that were active on the old unit can be transferred to the new unit at no cost.