The Importance of Good On-Hold Music

On-Hold Music has become a standard for businesses to use in their telephone system, but it’s important to understand why it’s used, and how to use it correctly to achieve positive results.

Passing Time

Studies have shown that music helps the passage of time. When callers are put on hold, time passes by much quicker if music is playing. If they are faced with silence, time appears to drag much slower. The music itself also acts as an audible reminder they are in a queue, whereas silence can lead to callers wondering if they will ever be put through and increases the chance of them hanging up.

Branding Your Business

When a potential new customer is calling a business for the first time with an inquiry, the telephone hold music is their first representation of that business. This is the first opportunity to make a good impression and brand the business before even speaking with the customer. So it’s important the music sounds good. If a business is using awful music, what does that say about their standards?

The Right Music

Different businesses need to use different music. If somebody is calling a hotel or spa for a relaxing weekend away, the music can reflect the amenities and services on offer. Relaxing, tranquil music helps the caller imagine what is ahead. If your business sells insurance, something reliable, trustworthy and dependable would be an appropriate choice. A good royalty free music library will have music categorized in a variety of themes and keywords to suit any business requirement.

image of a man listening to on hold content while waiting in a call queue
Understanding how to implement good on-hold music in your business will help you achieve positive results. provides royalty free on hold music for businesses, and has written a hugely in-depth article delving into the science, psychology and guidelines of using on hold music correctly. We absolutely recommend reading their piece on how to pick the perfect hold music.