Why a CUBE Music Player for In-Store Music?

Many in-store music providers now offer in-store music solutions that rely entirely on music streaming, or make use of your existing computer or mobile device.

To make their in store music solutions appear more attractive, in store music providers like SiriusXM or Spotify Business will try to use streaming, or your own computer or mobile device, as a way to reduce the initial sticker price of their in store music solutions. However, businesses that are in the market for in-store music systems, retail music solutions, restaurant music solutions, or other overhead music solutions, should realize that there are substantial downsides to this approach.

For instance, if the internet goes down or is slow, streaming music will usually stop playing. Also, if using your own computer or mobile device for playback, there are many hidden costs and inherent business risks, which the in store music supplier is silently shifting over to you. By comparison, there are overwhelming benefits in using a physical CUBE MUSIC PLAYER with CUBE In Store Music Services, instead of a music service that runs online in your browser, or an application that you have to install on your computer or mobile device. You can learn more here.

image of a CUBE physical player
There are many excellent reasons to choose CUBE for your business music instead of a streaming service.

In fact, CUBE provides in store music solutions, like retail music solutions and restaurant music solutions, that are competitively priced AND avoids all of the downsides of streaming, without tying up your computer or mobile device.

You can discover the CUBEplaymore In-Store Music Solution here. More and more businesses and in-store music providers are realizing the disadvantages of music streaming and are turning to efficient and highly reliable music solutions that use CUBE store-and-forward technology.

Leading business brands and in-store music providers rely on the CUBE platform and the CUBE music player.