Change is Afoot in the On-Hold and In-Store Industry...

The Inflection Point is Upon Us

Picture yourself going on a hike with a group of friends, and getting lost. Some worrywart will be the first to ask the leader “are you sure you know where we’re going?” The leader will wave him away and march on. But then uneasiness over lack of trial markers or other familiar signs will grow, and at some point the leader will reluctantly stop in his tracks, scratch his head, and admit (not too happily), “Hey guys, I think we are lost.” The business equivalent of that moment is the strategic inflection point. ~ Paraphrased from “Only the Paranoid Survive” by Andy Grove

More and more, we are hearing On-Hold and In-Store providers say: “It’s as if Something’s Changed…” At the recent OHMA / IBMA conference on March 6-8 in Orlando, Florida, Exponential Solutions (The CUBE) delivered a highly popular keynote presentation on the coming inflection point and the future of On-Hold and In-Store services. In our upcoming series of posts, we will explore in more detail the developments that are pushing the industry toward a critical strategic inflection point, and how providers and music suppliers can best position themselves to flourish in this new environment. We will continually build on this thinking by obtaining valuable comments and first-hand knowledge from leading providers and music suppliers.