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In-Store and Business Background Music Player by CUBE

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Keep your customers coming back with music they love! Choosing good background music supported by the most reliable background music player guarantees the best customer experience.

CUBE continues to play even if your internet connection goes down, and won't hog your internet bandwidth like countless music streaming services.  Top Business brands choose CUBE for their background music player and system.
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Now available in many territories:

Competitive monthly pricing + no upfront cost for our industrial-grade CUBE player!


Why Good Background Music Makes a Big Difference to Your Business:

Progressive businesses use music to enhance their brand and engage their customers. Studies have found: 
  • 90% of customers are more likely to recommend a store that plays music
  • 75% of shoppers say they feel more relaxed in retail stores that play music
  • 67% of social media users discuss music (and movies) ahead of any other topic
  • 60% of customers spend more time shopping in stores that play music that they like
If done well, in store music (or music within a venue) can increase sales by close to 20%. This makes choosing a good background music player and system vitally important.
So, the question is not whether you should be playing music in your venue. Rather, the question is which background music system and player you should choose.

Given the variety of music systems available for your business, why choose CUBE?

In the USA and Canada, out of the box you'll get 36 professionally designed channels of fully-licensed commercial-free major-label music, brought to your venue by the same team that provides music to Air Force One and Two. All licenses and fees are included in one simple monthly rate: you don't need to worry about dealing with music licenses - it's all taken care of for you.  For the details for other territories, please contact us.
Bandwidth Friendly, Streaming Not Required! CUBE has access to everything the cloud has to offer. CUBE uses about 100X less bandwidth than those streaming services - important bandwidth you need to run your business.  This also means that if you ever have an internet outage, CUBE background music player can continue playing without interruption.  Learn more about the benefits of the CUBE player.
Easily plugs into your existing sound system. The CUBE industrial music player plugs right into your existing sound system using standard RCA audio connectors (provided) and links directly to your broadband router to gain internet access.
The most flexible choice of music for business use. With CUBE, you have the freedom to choose from millions of songs, and you're not married to a single music service. Beyond the channels we provide out of the box, your CUBE player can also play custom designed music feeds, and additional licensed music services brought to you by our world-wide music partners.
Your customers won’t believe their ears! They will experience good background music with a vastly superior sound quality that only comes from an industrial-grade business music player. CUBE easily installs in seconds – no cumbersome satellite antennas to place, no hogging of your business internet capacity, no need to tie up other equipment or wear out your tablet or smartphone with a streaming service.
Smart and easy-to-use tools include the flexibility to change music selections 'on the fly' using your tablet or smartphone, block artists or songs you don't like, and CUBE music blending for fast creation of your own unique sound. A good background music player should be flexible.
Why choose far more limited music streaming services such as Spotify Business, Sirius XM or others, when you can get all the advantages of CUBE play more at a price that is competitive with anything else on the market? A good background music system can help your business to grow so why wait? Just fill in the contact form below and we’ll help you get started.

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