Assisted Listening

CUBE's Assisted Listening Application

Why an Assisted Hearing Solution is important for your Venue:

1. To engage the rising population of Hearing Impaired Patrons.

Over 10% of the population has hearing challenges and this number will continue to increase by about 40% as the baby boomers get older. Challenging acoustics and sound systems, compounded by background noise can make it very difficult for patrons with any hearing impairments to properly hear the audio from venues such as theaters, music events, concerts, religious congregations, etc.

Patrons with any type of hearing loss (even those with mild hearing loss) will have difficulty hearing or separating out speech, especially with  the natural presence of background noise.  In addition,  ambient sounds such as people speaking, air conditioners, etc. infer with the ability of a hearing impaired patron to discern relevant audio or speech.

2. To deliver music and messages from digital signage applications directly to patrons smartphones.

Retail establishments, hotel lobbies, museums, large classrooms or lecture halls, and other venues often have digital signage screens which display video, image, or message advert content. While this can be an ongoing challenge for the hearing impaired, even those without any hearing impairments often have difficulty discerning good quality audio unless they are in very close proximity to the screen and the background and ambient noise is minimized.

CUBE is able to deliver quality audio (speech and music) to each patrons smartphone, substantially enhancing the audio experience for patrons.  CUBE can even support different audio over different channels. In addition, clearly heard message adverts will be more effective in influencing message retention and buying behavior.

3. Drive fan engagement and new revenue growth at Sporting Arenas and Event Venues

The reality is that sporting and entertainment venues are facing commercial challenges in retaining existing patrons and growing new audiences. As an owner or operator you can eliminate two commonly reported patron turnoffs: Turnoff #1: Patrons can't follow what is going on at the event. Many newer patrons are often not familar with the rules of a sporting event so they often feel embarrassed or left out, and as a result they may not atttend the next time. Turnoff #2: Patrons can't hear what is going on at an event. The natural presence of background noise can often prevent a large percentage of patrons from properly separating out speech or appreciating relevant audio (e.g, music performances) that accompany an event. This is even more pronounced in patrons with even small hearing impairments.

Now you can substantially improve your patrons' experience by complementing your event with timely and relevant audio commentary, information, and adverts delivered directly to a fan's mobile phone.

PLUS you can realize the following benefits:
  • Create a more engaging experience for patrons.
  • Derive more attendance revenue by increasing the frequency of patron attendance.
  • Expand your audience of newer tech-savvy fans who will feel more comfortable attending.
  • Increase advertising and sponsorship revenues - audio adverts will add more advertisers and ad spots.
  • Increase patron satisfaction by providing more timely information about onsite amenities and services.
  • Provide an assistive listening solution for those with any hearing impairments.

Welcome to ArenaAudio - an audio streaming solution for sporting events and entertainment venues developed by CUBE, the world’s most advanced and future-proof delivery platform for omnichannel digital customer experiences.

How it works:

For the Venue Operator:
  • Intuitive, easy to use tools quickly enable a venue operator to schedule audio information or adverts - these can either be precisely scheduled (on the minute) in advance of the start of event or changed out 'on the fly' from the mobile device of authorized staff member.
  • Local play-by-play content (developed by the venue or by an external party) can easily be broadcast live from the venue
  • Low delay audio enabling live audio streaming system / WiFi streaming audio over a venues existing IT infrastructure
  • Easy and fast to add or change audio content - browser-based system with real-time management and control (no need to download or manage software).

For the Patron:
  • Before or at the venue patrons download the ArenaAudio application from the IOS or Android store to their mobile phone (informed about the app via an email campaign, or via signage displayed at the venue)
  • Once the app is downloaded the patron selects the venue, sits backs and listens on their headphones while they watch the action - the audio commentary and information serves to enhance the patrons visual participation and engagement in the event.

Contact us today and explore how we can make your Assisted Listening project a success!

The top three benefits of CUBE's Assisted Hearing Application:

Simple to Setup.  Plug and Play.

The Most Reliable and Secure system in the Industry. The best connectivity with no danger of outside hacking or malware.

A highly Flexible and Customizable system that enables you to manage your application in real-time, from anywhere.

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