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A studio platform to create and share audio for
  • Spotify Ads
  • On Hold Marketing
  • Radio Spots
  • Customer Engagement
  • And More

The first-ever creative audio studio platform is here.

CUBE MC is a collection of software-based applications designed explicitly to create and publish unmatched customer experiences with audio. Engage your customers and complement your marketing campaigns with CUBE MC.

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Easily create engaging audio with our integrated tool set.

  • Create the ideal musical atmosphere

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  • Capture obtain and arrange professional voice recordings

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  • Schedule the right audio for the right time

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  • Select from a wide range of voice artists and music available from our audio libraries

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AI Tools

AI tools aren’t meant to replace humans, but to help humans. Our AI tools can help you:

  • Conceptualize new ideas for audio scripts

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  • Generate placeholder voices instantly for urgent messages, or while waiting for voice artist recordings

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  • Transcribe voice recordings automatically

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Publish your engaging audio programs to:

  • in-store sound systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Narrowcast FM/AM
  • Podcast directories
  • As audio newsletters

Examples of what marketers like you are using MC for:

  • Music and audio promotions to shoppers in store
  • Educate and entertain callers waiting on hold
  • Audio brand promotion in restaurant drive-throughs
  • Brand building through podcasts and audio newsletters
  • Corporate communications, including empowering employees through audio training podcasts

In our network, MC has various Solutions Partners for whom we have developed specific tools to help serve their customers best.

Unlock direct access to MC, or let our collaboration team match you with a Solutions Partner according to your needs.

The Power of Audio in Your Marketing & Advertising Arsenal

Three compelling reasons why audio should be an essential element of any effective media mix.


Key target markets are dependent on Audio for their information and entertainment

Audio has been proven to result in high audience recall and engagement.

Audio reaches mobile users at times and places where traditional advertising is ineffective.